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Why Do I Wake Up At Night?


May. 23, 2019

Waking up at night occasionally is normal but if your sleep is interrupted at least three times a week for three months, then you might be dealing with insomnia.
Also, you're not alone, millions of people all over the world are experiencing sleep disorder.
The following are the reason for this;
Alcohol and caffeine abuse
Too Many Bright Lights
Too Much Noise
Sleep apnea (a brief cessation of breathing during sleep)
Chronic cough
Bladder problems.
If you find yourself having interrupted sleep do not for any reason turn on your gadgets. Let all smartphones lay dumb on the nightstand and all tablets remain drugs in cabinets and no laptops on your lap or in bed for that matter. This is because their glowing screen will eventually drive off all traces of sleep.
Just lay on your bed, breath slowly, use meditation and relaxation techniques to find your way back to dreamland.
You should ensure that your room is neat, bed well made with clean sheets and no foul odor. Try cold baths and light and early dinner and retire to bed at the right time, not at midnight.
You can change rooms, listen to light music, no banging, and bumble shaking music, please. You can even read a book or do chores to get your body back into a tired state to help you fall asleep.
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