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WICKEDNESS! See What These Parents Did To Their Child ( PHOTOS)


Jun. 03, 2019

The world is filled with wicked people. 
A six-year-old Cambodian boy was repeatedly battered and assaulted by his parents just because he wet the bed. 
The unidentified boy was found hiding in the corner of a house in Thailand when the police and social services arrived. 
He was spotting old and fresh wounds on his back and front, there were also bruises on his face and he had a high fever. 
He was taken to the hospital while his parents were put in custody.
According to his mother, it was his Cambodian father that started assaulting her son, afterwhile she joined him in beating child. 
She didn't dare take him to see the doctor after the beatings and bought medication for him herself.
She apologized to him every time she beat him up and begged him to stop wetting the bed.
Eventually, neighbors could stand it no longer and call in the authorities.
The parents have been charged with assault. 
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