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Keep My Name Off Your Childishness! - NTV's Anchor Tells Ringtone


July. 09, 2019

Doreen Majala will not be entertaining any nonsense from anyone especially controversial gospel artist, Ringtone. This is after the fella opened up saying he has a big crush on the sassy news anchor while on an interview with the Trend.
He went on to claim that Doreen Majala once hit on him when he visited her former high school Nkuene Girls back in the day, and now that she is all grown up he wouldn’t mind getting her. From our understanding, seems the singer opted to drag Doreen’s name as a strategy to sell his new song. However, Ringtone’s false confession landed him in big trouble with Majala who has issued a warning against the singer.
Through her Twitter page Majala wrote saying; Temp post: Came across this interview of artist Ringtone bring my name into‘tafuta bibi campaign’ saying he visited my former sch Nkuene Girls & that I made advances on him (I was 16 in high sch).WARNING, Keep my name off Childishness,Stupidity&Drama. Image isn’t built in a day.
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