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My [21F] best friend's [20f] boyfriend [23M] frightened me and it led to him getting in a fight with my own boyfriend [24m]. Now my best friend is ......
Godwin|Aug. 09, 2019
Alright, I'll try to keep this as brief as I can but it may go long.
My best friend is Maria. She and I met two years ago when I moved to my current city for school and we've been friend since then. We were like sisters. We did everything together, slept over at each others homes almost all the time.
In the last few months she and I have both gotten into relationships. I was the first, meeting my boyfriend (Charlie) a little over six months ago.
She met her own boyfriend (Jeremy) about four months ago.
With us both in new relationships we weren't hanging out as often. I've felt kind of bad for that lately, and I have been asking Maria if she'd like to do something together. She has given me a lot of kind of noncommittal responses.
Finally a couple weeks ago she asked me if Charlie and I would like to rent out a cabin in a local state park with her and Jeremy. I was initially just a bit put-off by that because none of us are really outdoorsy people who rent out cabins in the wilderness, but I was excited at the chance to spend time with my bestie so I talked Charlie into it and we rented out the cabin for two nights over last weekend.
I was excited but it wound up being a way more strange experience then I was hoping for. I haven't really spent any time around Jeremy before and I didn't really care for the vibe he put off.
We all were trying to hang out together and enjoy our time and it seemed like Jeremy was not interested in talking to us and was constantly making excuses to try and be off by himself. I assumed he was nervous about being around new people or something and tried to be friendly but he didn't seem to show any interest.
Anyway, the second day we were out there I had sent Charlie on a beer run, while I was kind of gathering our stuff together to make sure we'd be good to leave the next morning.
Jeremy came and stood in the doorway all of a sudden. I looked at him and asked if everything was okay and he told me he was fine.
I didn't like the way he was standing in the doorway and not saying anything, and I asked him if there was anything I could help him with. He said no. Then he told me I looked pretty.
That was the last straw and I wound up quietly pulling out my phone and telling Charlie to drop whatever he is doing and come back to the cabin. With that sent I asked Jeremy to please quit standing in the doorway and I told him that Maria was probably outside.
He didn't move from the doorway and acted offended and started asking me what is wrong. I was getting agitated and frightened and I kept telling him to move out of the doorway. He started getting pissy and snapped that he was just trying to be friendly, I told him I just wanted him to move out of my way. I started texting Charlie that Jeremy had me blocked in our room and wouldn't move.
I don't know how long that took but Charlie finally got back. As soon as he heard the car Jeremy finally back off of the door. Charlie came running in and found me to ask what happened. I was just telling him everything that went down, Jeremy was hovering in the background and started saying stuff like "That isn't what happened". Somewhere around here Maria reappeared from wherever she had been all day.
Charlie got pissed and confronted him and they started yelling at each other. And then a second later they were fighting. I don't know who started what or anything, but Maria and I got them to break it up and pulled our respective guys away from one another. I took Charlie in the bedroom and the two of us very quickly decided it was time for us to leave the cabin.
We told Maria and Jeremy we were leaving and we tok off as soon as we got all of our stuff loaded.
I wound up staying the night at Charlie's because I was still pretty shook up from the incident before.
After a night I decided to call Maria and figure out where we stood. She didn't answer when I tried to call her and ignored my messages at first, but she finally answered me with "leave me alone."
I did as she asked for a little while but as I thought about what happened with Jeremy I started getting worried a little bit.
I wound up messaging her again that I was sorry how things had gone down on our trip but her boyfriend had shown some worrying traits to me and I just wanted to let her know she can always message me if she needs anything.
She replied back that I didn't need to worry for her, and she has not communicated with me since then.
I'm very sad and worried for her. She has been my best friend since well before the guys came into our lives, it hurts being told not to call her. Ive never had a friendship end in anger and it really hurts my heart that I might not get to see her again. She was like a sister to me.
And I'm also worried. I guess it may not have been a big deal in the grand scheme of things but the way her boyfriend blocked me in a room and wouldn't move has me extremely concerned for her. I mean, maybe it was nothing but maybe it was something and I don't know what to do about it.
Is my friendship over now? Is there anything else I can do to try and restore peace? And how worried do I need to be for my friend?
TL;DR : Best friend's boyfriend trapped me in a room and was behaving concerningly. Lead to a fight with my boyfriend, and now my best friend isn't speaking to me. I'm sad and worried for her.
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