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5 Things You Should Never Ask On A First DAte


Aug. 12, 2019

First dates can be nerve-wracking. Understandably so: You just never know if the two of you will hit it off or not. What if the chemistry isn’t there? What if the conversation just isn’t flowing? So what questions should you be avoiding on date No. 1?
1. When did your last relationship end?
Asking in-depth questions about your date’s exes and other past relationship details on the first date is not advisable. It’s generally better to keep the tone of the evening upbeat, rather than dredge up potentially painful memories. Your date may then expect you to reciprocate and share your past dating experience.
2. Why are you still singe?
This question may seem harmless on its face, but it’s unlikely to be received in a positive way ― even if you’re trying to flatter the person (e.g., “You’re so awesome. How are you not taken yet?”). Instead, it may imply there is something wrong with your date or being single in general.
3. Where are you from?
Asking your date where he or she is from seems innocent enough, right? But for people of color, this is a loaded question. Even if they say respond, their response will often be met with, “No, where are you really from?” as if to imply that they can’t actually be from the country they live in.
4. How many people have you slept with?
The number of sexual partners people have had is, quite frankly, nobody’s business but their own. Whether they have had many partners, just a few or none at all, this question is likely to make people feel uncomfortable and may cause them to put their guard up for the rest of the date.
5. How much money do you make?
On a first date, your respective careers are normal fodder for conversation. But asking people to reveal their salary, especially this early on, will likely be perceived as intrusive.
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