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My friend’s wife [25f] HATES me. And I can’t fix it.


Sept. 06, 2019

Just.. Headache of a situation
TLDR: Friends wife hates me for things that are out of my control. Its causing a rift in my friendship/work relation with him.
So I knew him before he was officially married to her back when they were in a very long distance relationship. He’s a great dude and a great work partner (aka: tells me when my scripts or setups are shit).
Maybe a couple years in his wife moved out here and although we have a different sense of humor (shes very traditionally chinese) it all seemed great. My boyfriend and I did everything in our power to make her feel welcome.
Then I found out what she really thought of me after I refused to go to a high class party because had nothing to wear to it.. Apparently I’m beneath her because I was once homeless, smoke cigarettes, use cuss words, am mexican***, my boyfriend is a depressed loser ect.. And he defends it, saying it’s not her fault it’s chinese to not like homeless people, shes led a tough life, she doesnt understand ect.
Now it’s smoothed out to the point where we can hang out and work with him again.. But he talks about her all the time and I have to pretend I’m okay with her when I see she still texts him things like “Did you have to sit in her filthy dented car on the way there”
I really want to be the bigger person and let it go but she still thinks I’m trash and can do no wrong in his eyes.. I don’t want to lose him as a friend or cameraman but don’t know how to fix this.
*** apparently she once had a bad experience with mexican women and views them as trashy
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