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Set yourself relationship goals for 2015

idhiris ozy

Sept. 09, 2019

At the start of the New Year, everybody starts talking about the changes they want to make. Most say they want to lose weight, exercise more or drink less alcohol. Some set themselves bigger challenges like learning a new language or passing their driving test. Others make plans to see the world.
Some people, however, prefer to focus on improving their relationships. Perhaps you are considering working on your own couple relationship and making it stronger this year?
You may already have identified the problem areas in your relationship, but if not, read the list below to see if you identify with any of the following statements:
I want to spend more time with my partner I want to react better during arguments I have with my other half I want to feel closer to my partner I want us to share the same vision of the future I want both of us to be more confident as parents I want to understand my partner better, and I want him/her to understand me too
If you relate to any of the statements in this list then our GOALS section could be useful.
In the Goals section of the site, you’ll be presented with a series of daily exercises to help you strengthen your relationship and work on the issues that you and your partner currently face.
Having a goal in mind gives you and your partner something to plan and work for. Why not write down your goals or create a visual representation of what you want to achieve and put it somewhere noticeable to act as a reminder of what you wish to achieve.
If you’re a CoupleConnection member, why not use the Diary function in your account to keep track of your progress?
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