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Things You Should Never Do With A Love Letter


Sept. 09, 2019

Photo Credit: The Register
As with everything, there are rules to writing love letters. After making sure you write it well and that you do all the things you should do to make it perfect, the next thing to check is whether or not you are doing things you should do.
A love letter could destroy you if you don’t do it right. It’s not like a text message that could go away with the phone or that can be deleted easily. A text is limiting in the sense that you don’t have to write so much and so when you do something bad there, it’s not so much.
Here are some things you should never do when writing any kind of love letter
1.      Don’t lie
A letter is a written proof of your feelings. It’s not like a text that you can say it wasn’t meant for her or you can say it’s a mistake or something to cover up your lie when you get caught. 
As long as you are writing a letter, you should never lie because there’s no way out if and when you get caught.
2.      Don’t copy someone’s letter
Photo Credit: Hindustan Times
The temptation to get something off the internet or to use something old to write your letter is very high. If you must write, then you have to be original. 
There’s a huge chance they would have seen it. Imagine receiving a love letter only for everything in it to be something you have seen somewhere. That would be very annoying because you were hyped for nothing and you wasted your time reading it.
3.      Don’t be too serious
Photo Credit: YourTango
A letter can be serious and fun. The serious ones are bills, application letters and all that. What you are writing is an informal letter. Make it fun. Use images, stories and anything fun you can use. 
Make them laugh when they read it, make them feel relaxed and free with you.
4.      Don’t say anything you may regret
If you have doubts about something then don’t say it. A letter no matter how fun is seen as a serious way to say what you have to say. The idea is that since it is stressful, no one would go through all that to say something they don’t mean and so if you have something you are not sure of, then it’s very good to ignore that thing.
Love letters can be the most romantic gestures on earth, as long as you do it right. If you make mistakes with it and break the rules, then you have handed them the gun and bullet to kill you.
What do you think one should not do with a love letter?
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