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Dating A Divorced Man? Tough Truths To Make It Work


Sept. 10, 2019

So while dating a divorced man may be new and exciting to you, don’t let him swoop you off your feet just yet. Think about these things first and make sure you know what you are getting when dating a divorced man.
1.Timing is everything. 
Before even thinking about dating a divorced man, first know where the divorce really stands. Is he going through the divorce process? How long has the process been going on?
Knowing where the divorce stands, and where he stands in the divorce, tells you just how committed he is in a potential relationship with you, and if you should be serious about the relationship.
2.You may have to be discreet for a while. 
So your boyfriend may be divorced, but that doesn’t mean he’s divorced completely from his old life. He’s still friends with those who are also friends with his ex. Entertain the idea that he may not be too thrilled to integrate you into his circle too soon. He probably expects you to be discreet about your relationship for a while.
3.So hold-off on social media. 
With being discreet comes social media restrictions. Discretion doesn’t just come mean hidden from public. Keep your dates to yourself, too. Simply don’t advertise your relationship on social media just yet, especially if the divorce proceedings started. Unless you want to be portrayed as the home-wrecker.
4.You’ll hear all about the ex. 
Be prepared to have conversations about his ex, especially if the divorce proceedings are underway. You may ask him, “How was your day?” He’ll answer stoically with, “I talked to her *the soon-to-be ex-wife*, and she wouldn’t agree to the terms of the divorce.” Then he might go on an angry and bitter tirade of how selfish, awful, or stubborn his ex is. Be secure enough about yourself to hear about the ex without overanalyzing things or taking it all too personally.
5.Don’t dig for the details. 
While you lend your support for whatever your boyfriend goes through, you don’t have to know every detail of the divorce and even his past relationship. While it’s natural to be curious, don’t be too pushy.
Whatever you want to know, wait until your man is comfortable enough to tell you about it. Besides, he’s trying to move on from the relationship. Stop reminding him of his ex by making him rehash the old times.
Though it’s tough, consider what your partner is going through too. He may also be having a difficult time adjusting to a new relationship after a failed marriage. Therefore, do your best to be level-headed, kind, and considerate of what he may be going through.
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