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I asked a girls phone number and she said yes for the first ever in my life! (20m)


Sept. 11, 2019

Not really sure where to post this, I’m just really happy! I was skating around my neighborhood as usual, and as I was going to a local market I saw this super cute girl right outside. We locked eyes for a while from when she was across the street, so when I go over I asked for her number. Literally all I said “hey, I thought you were really cute and just wanted to ask for your phone number, is that okay?” I have never been that smooth. I know it’s not too much to brag about, but I’ve always had a hard asking girls out. She gave me a huge smile and said yeah! This part of the story spoils it, but I asked her age and she was 15 :/ (I’m 20). Nonetheless I’m really happy, she even said that I did good and that I’m really cute, which is surprising to me because I always thought I was ugly.
Anyways, if I can do it you can do it too!
Tl;dr I asked a girls number and she said yes, this is the first time ever a girl has said yes and I’m really happy. Turns out though she was only 15 :/
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