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17 Photos Proving That The World Stands on Men’s Directness


Sept. 16, 2019

The world without men would be really dull and boring. Who else can take such hilarious pictures at the beach and be incredibly creative while choosing a ring for their beloved women?
Bright Side is sure that each woman can remember a funny story when their husband or boyfriend used 100% of their magical logic. And the guy in the bonus probably had big problems after what he said.
When you ask your boyfriend to buy tampons:
© broganpaget / twitter
“My husband saw a girl in a bikini doing this and thought he would follow her lead...”
© Shansquatch / reddit
A man who controls himself 24/7.
© Jessicaadxx / twitter
“My boyfriend just asked me why there’s a pregnancy test in the kitchen cabinet.”
© carlyaquilino / twitter
He has no time for all that girly stuff...
© Gen19 / pikabu
“This is how my husband eats his pancakes... It drives me up the wall.”
© UFOStevie / reddit
A 21st century romantic feat
© sarcasticmommy4 / twitter
When I’m asked how my vacation was:
© skooksies / imgur
A coach and an influencer, all in one
© Livotovas / twitter
“I asked my husband to make the bed.”
© Bchillbtown / reddit
Maybe send your husband a picture of what he should buy.
© TheCatWhisprer / twitter
“My husband eats the pizza from the half I ordered instead of his half...”
© frijolita_bonita / reddit
“Each time someone says women can’t deal with different tools, I’ll remember this. I asked my husband to bring the knife sharpener. Look what he brought.”
© gypsy_erin / twitter
Consider the fact that your girlfriend might follow you.
When your wife asks you to bring her lip balm and you decide to buy everything “for lips” just in case.
© XtremeBreen / reddit
“You’re welcome, dear.”
© finnkhalli / twitter
“My boyfriend eats the cream out of the Oreos and leaves the cookie part.”
© sinceresunshine- / reddit
Bonus: He’d better be quiet.
© Pirojochenka / pikabu
Who do you think deserves the “Husband of the Year” award?
Preview photo credit Jessicaadxx / twitter
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