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My (25F) husband (32M) is becoming obese, how do I tell him without hurting him?


Sept. 16, 2019

My sister has recently gained a lot of weight to the point she’s morbidly obese. (130 lbs to about 220) My husband said he doesn’t understand how people let themselves get like that and asked me that if he ever starts getting “too fat” to tell him so he can work on it.
What he doesn’t realize is that he is getting there himself. I’ve tried leading by example but that is not working. He doesn’t eat dinner at home with me and our toddler- which are mostly healthy meals. I go running every day and have asked him to go with me and we’d walk instead- not interested. I’ve tried the health angle, asking him to consider cutting back on certain foods because it’s just not healthy. His doctor has mentioned loosing weight. He’s already on blood pressure medicine and heart disease is the #1 killer of men in his family, they often have heart attacks in their fifties.
He eats out for lunch every day. Usually fast food. Buys three 12 packs of soda a week and usually needs more by Friday.
When I’ve commented on his weight before he says he’s tall so his body can handle more weight. Which is true but dude is getting pretty big. Even his friends have started asking me to the side if everything is okay because of his weight gain. I love my husband to death and the idea of hurting or embarrassing him absolutely kills me but I want him to be healthy, happy with himself, and most important to be here, alive, for our child.
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