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Naiboi Is Back With 'Sondeka 2' Featuring All Stars


Sept. 17, 2019

Celebrated Kenyan musician and producer Naiboi has dropped ‘Sondeka Part 2’, a remix of  ‘Sondeka’ which was initially released a few months ago. The song produced by RIXX, features a host of popular musicians and entertainers in the country. Some of the biggest names featured in the song include; DJ Shiti, EXRAY of Boondocks Gang, Kristoff, Fena Gitu, Bezema of Ochungulo Family, Femi One, Mordecai of Hart the Band, Visita, and Khaligraph Jones.It is a great collabo where all those mentioned have performed a stanza. Read Also; Guardian Angel Featuring Jessica Honroe On 'Jina La Yesu'                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Also, Sondeka part 2 is a continuation of Sondeka part 1. In this jam Naiboi is talking about correcting certain behavior in human beings.
Sondeka Part 2 is all about what?
To start with, you’ll notice that these artists are also talking about MCSK. This is in line with the recent payments they made to the musicians and angered them.                                             
They say that they are correcting that. It says that tabia ya kukali wasanii na MCSK tunasondeka.  Also, they talk of how people are jealousy when they see one with a big car.
Naiboi is very talented and the way he also performs his lines is just good.
To add on they go ahead to talk about how people should stop lying. Khaligraph Jones talks of how one is telling them she is in Dubai and in real sense she is in a matatu ya Mwangi.. This is crazy. Also he goes ahead to add on how MCSK sent him Ksh 2530.                                                                                                                                                                                         
Whatever the thing they want to correct seems to have  affected them so much. I like how Khaligraph says that someone talks of Uhuru being their relative whereas the only person who knows then is Dj Shitti.
Niaboi is very creative in this Sondeka jam. The fact that he has brought a couple of artists on board shows team work. Sondeka has been produced by Rixx. The video is super good and quality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
It is a combination of great voices and this has come up with something good. Actually the song will leave you laughing at some point. Naiboi needs to be congratulated on this one. Y’all have never seen anything like this! It goes hard! This new jam is hot on Youtube right now. Check it out here                                                                                                                               
In conclusion, Sondeka part 2 by Naiboi is a cool jam and you should listen to it. It gets a rating of 7/10.
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