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Khamenei’s Representative in IRGC: US Seeking to Destroy PMF


Oct. 07, 2019

London - Asharq Al-Awsat
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representative in the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Abdullah Haji Sadeghi has described recent developments in Iraq as a “real war” with the United States.
Sadeghi said Sunday that Washington was seeking to eliminate Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).
During a ceremony held by the IRGC in the city of Qom, he called on drafting plans to “foil the plots of the enemies” in Iraq.
His comments came following Iranian calls to invade the US embassy in Baghdad.
“There is a real war with America in Iraq. They want to prevent the Iraqi people from being similar to the Iranian revolutionists and to stop the PMF from defending its country,” Sadeghi said.
Last week, during a meeting with IRGC commanders, Khamenei demanded the expansion of the Guards' international operations.
“We must not be content with our region alone and (we shouldn’t) choose to stay behind our walls and ignore the threats behind the borders,” he said.
Unlike Sadeghi, Mahmoud Sadeqi, an outspoken lawmaker in Iran, warned on Sunday against considering the Iraqi events as a conspiracy theory.
Such analysis “would stop us from understanding the truth,” he wrote on his Twitter account.
He added that corruption and the incompetence of Iraqi officials have led to a popular dismay. This situation constituted the backbone of the ongoing protests and demonstrations in Iraq.
For his part, Secretary of the Expediency Council and former IRGC chief Mohsen Rezaee wrote a tweet in which he accused the US and Saudi Arabia of standing behind the Iraqi protests.
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