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The Michael Holley Podcast: Mike Gorman on his career, the best player ever and Kyrie Irving's rocky time in Boston

Alex zakaria

Oct. 21, 2019

Mike Gorman has been the voice of the Boston Celtics with Tom Heinsohn since 1981. He sits down in this episode of "The Michael Holley Podcast" presented by Night Shift to talk about:
(:30) His long career and how his job has changed
(5:30) What he expects this season
(6:30) What he saw being around the team as much as he is last season, and how much of a negative was Kyrie Irving
(12:10) His very close relationship with Paul Pierce
(14:00) Last shot of a game…Pierce or Bird?
(16:30) The last time he was truly wowed watching someone on the court, and who he thinks the best player of all-time is (hint: it's not who you might think)
(25:00) How Gorman never listens to himself broadcast a game
(31:50) Tommy's energy in his mid-80's
(33:15) How he remembers Red Auerbach
(37:20) A great Bill Walton story
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