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Anthony Mackie Shares First Photo From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Set

M. A Salaam

Nov. 04, 2019

Next year, the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe will make its first foray into the television space, as Marvel Studios is producing several shows for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. These shows will have the budget and star-power of the big-screen Marvel movies, but will be able to spend more time focusing on individual characters and spread stories out over an extended period of time. The first of these series to be released will be The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , which will reunited Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, and it looks like the cameras are finally rolling on the project.
Anthony Mackie will star as Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, on the series and on Monday afternoon, he shared the first photo from the set. There's isn't much to see, but it's enough to get fans excited for what's to come between him and Sebastian Stan .
"And so it begins," Mackie wrote in a tweet. "Welcome back guys..." The photo with the tweet shows off Mackie and Stan's chairs on set, labeled for Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.
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