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My (M60) girlfriend (F47) dumped me.for apparently nothing. Why?


Nov. 04, 2019

My girlfriend of nearly a year dumped me this weekend after going to a party with me even after we planned moving out of state in 18 months.
She told me only last week how much she was in love with me and loved me.
Recently after she advised me to go see a doctor after chest pains.. .i was diagnosed with heart issues and have to have open heart surgery. She was to be my support team through it all.
Last night we were at a Hallowen party in a different state and she met my friends there for the first time. We went to bed there and an hour later she woke and said we were leaving. Said that she was moving out of the apartment we'd been sharing. We arrived home at 500am. She dropped me off at the apartment ... went somewhere and returned at 900am and took all her stuff.
She said I'd done nothing wrong in the relationship and that it was her fault that she found fault in the smallest things I did and couldn't with me or be with me abd that she has commitment issues.
She said she can't be my support through my operation recovery. We work together. This is going to be hard.
TL;DR; : My girlfriend dumped me after 9 months living together. Why?
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