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My (F30) very project oriented stepfather (M69) had an aneurysm that left him without use of his left side. I need Christmas gift ideas to keep him ......


Nov. 05, 2019

My Stepfather has been in my life since I was 8 years old. He's my second dad and in no uncertain terms has vastly improved the quality of my life, the lives of every member of his immediate family and then some. This man is amazing.
Last Sunday, he suffered an aneurysm that very nearly took his life. He was traveling at the time with my mom so I still haven't been able to see either of them as they are half the country away, but I have been in communication with my mom and stepbrother (M46) who was able to immediately hop a plane to join them. My stepfather is still speaking in sentences and making jokes although he is apparently very hard to understand due to not being able to use his left side. He still recognizes people and has retained his mental functions (which we are so incredibly grateful for).
I work for my stepfather's company under my stepbrother. The company is my stepdad's baby. I can't jump a plane and go down to them as I desperately want to; I was told that not only is he too tired for visitors but he stresses less when he knows that the company is being taken care of so the best we can do for him to keep thing running. They are also planning on keeping him at the hospital that he is at for his rehabilitation as we live in a location that is slightly more rural so it may be some weeks before he comes home.
I am very worried about how to keep him entertained once he comes home. He is someone that always has to have a project going whether it is personal or work related. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I am hoping someone might have an idea that would help him.
About my stepdad: He is dyslexic; he likes my mom to read things to him sometimes and likes to occasionally write, but he has either her or me edit all his work. He is mechanical minded; he likes tinkering on cars and his project in most recent years was to build a large art car for Burning Man. He is also a heavy western watcher (his favorite leading man is Marshal Dillon).
Ideally, I would love to find him a project or simple tech program that he can operate or build without the use of his left side (he's right handed). Something to pass the time so that he isn't lying at home stressing about all the stuff he can't do or check on.
TL;DR I need entertainment ideas/gift ideas to keep a busy-minded aneurysm survivor (M69) who is currently paralyzed on their left side from becoming too bored.
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