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I (26F) told my boyfriend (29M) of 2 years I was excited about our future together and wanted to be with him forever, confused about his reply.


Nov. 08, 2019

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years, we are very happy, rarely argue etc and we get along so well in general. Recently he expressed interest in us having a baby in about 2 years time, I told him I'd love that, a few days later we were just cuddled up on the sofa watching a movie together at the end so the movie i told him i was really excited for our future together and to experience things and become a family and that i loved him and i wanted to be with him forever his reply "hmm, forever is a long time" And that was it, he got up, kissed me.goodnight and told me he was going to bed as he had work early in the morning (5am start)
I dont really know how to take that? I do have a tendency to over think things in a negative way it kind of made me feel like I'm just temporary and he doesn't actually want a future with me like I do him?, so I wanted others perspective on it and if it's worth discussing it with him?
As I said, I do have a bad habit of negatively over thinking things, so I dont want to bring it up to him if it's likely not even a bad thing.
Tl;dr boyfriend said "forever is a long time" when I told him.i wanted to be with him forever
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