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One of my [26m] nieces [5f] kinda doesn't like. Why would that be and what could I do about it?


Nov. 28, 2019

Edit: I meant "kinda doesn't like me" in the title.
I came back home recently. I studied overseas and worked there for a few years before coming back about 1 year ago. Meet my sister (37f) often. We are always aware of what's going on in each other's lives, help each other move, I visit them about twice a month, things like that. She's a good friend and her husband too.
They have twins, Lucy and Wendy. Lucy is very friendly and outspoken while Wendy is very withdrawn, at least around me. She doesn't speak to me and when she has to talk to her parents while I'm there she is very shy and generally wants them to come closer or whispers in their ears or something similar.
Sometimes she crawls on her parents' lap while I'm talking to them in the living room and kinda just stares at me without saying anything. I'm talking, she looks at me dead in the eyes the whole time.
My sister says she's just super shy and doesn't like new people. I have never actually interacted with her significantly because she's not open to anything with me. From what I hear from them, she seems to have a normal school life and there are pictures of her in costume acting for her school's play and having a wonderful time, so I think it's just me or maybe adults in general, I don't know.
Is that normal? I'm not gonna say she's abnormal but this seems a little bit more intense than your typical shy child, right? Or maybe not, what do I know.
In any case, is there anything I can do to be a little closer to her? Maybe she sees me as unsafe, is there anything I can do to be safe for her?
tl;dr: One of my nieces doesn't interact to me in any way and avoids me. Is there anything I can do to be a little closer to her?
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