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Dr Ofweneke defends 'bitter' baby mama post


Nov. 29, 2019

Comedian and prolific events host Dr Ofwenka is at pains to explain that his “bitter baby mama” Instagram post was not malicious.
This was after Instagram pulled it down.
The comedian posted it again and explained why.
Dr Ofweneke shot back saying, “Someone reported this post and it was pulled down and am like if the shoe fits wear it.”
Adding, “Listen, the reason why my daughters are happy is because their mum and I are friends and we have agreed that our broken marriage got nothing to do with the kids, That they can be at mum’s for as long as they wish and they can be at dad’s as long as they wish either 🤨🤨🤨 both of you have to be selfless to make sure the kids have a clean environment away from the toxic atmosphere for them to have a happy upbringing.”
Here are some reactions from his fans.
berylboaz And those that are not bitter like me ndio baby daddy hanaaaa kakitu, poor me😂.
sheila_subira As friends do you still twa twa
lucyhaleigh They can’t be bitter for no reason.
lenahs_world Mimi niliambiwa wangu alikufa…but my whole life I questioned if at all there was any truth in that….but anytime I just want to start searching for him, I just cant…ni kama ameniwekea juju ndio nisimtafute….#toxicmothersfromsijuiwhere🙄
susasndanu Dead beat always using toys to buy their kids love in the name of father am busy with important bills I can’t afford toys but I shelter them, feed, clothes, school name it. My friend a parent who can abandon his flesh and blood and claim to want to spend time with kids he’s a deadbeat ok stop fooling people here.
ngugigrace30 Say it like a million times, they didn’t hear that… I think we never see the bigger picture, that is the kids, trying to hide behind them to victimize either party, the same way u brought them to commit yourselves to raise them, no matter what.
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