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5 Most Amazing Things About Long-Term Relationships

Yarns Mag

Nov. 30, 2019

Long-term relationships are enviable for the very fact of their longevity, and understandably so. In a world and in a climate where genuine, selfless love is not so common, finding people who have somehow stuck together and found a real rhythm to their togetherness… that’s something you can’t hate on.
What’s better than a couple who have been together for long? We are talking about a couple who have been together for long and have actually been happy for the most part of it.
[Credit - Essence]
Let’s tell you five things that make such relationships very special and desirable:
1. Intimacy levels become so high
You become so and so in tune with each other, so comfortable with each other at this phase of your relationship. No more hidden feelings, hidden worries. Time and being together through thick and thin has a way of chipping away at defences and insecurities till you are both loving on each other with no holds barred.
2. The one
It is at this stage you can boldly, confidently say that you have found the one. Your soul mate.
3. You are a team
Always having someone to bounce ideas off of. They get your jokes and make you laugh. Someone to enjoy life with and to divide sorrow between. It’s a fantastic feeling to have someone in your corner that actually cares that much.
[Credit - Canva]
4. No loneliness
When you find your forever person, you are comforted in the knowledge that they will always be there for you, no matter what.
5. You're appreciated for who you are.
According to Elite Daily, in a relationship like this, “you're allowed to be the worst version of yourself with no fear of judgement because that person already loves every version of you  - bare faced, naked with lights on, depressed for no reason, sad, angry, frustrated.”
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