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My mom (48F) is a teacher at my sister's (8F) school. I (21F) found out that she tells my sister beforehand what questions will be on the test and ......

Paul Njuguna

Dec. 01, 2019

I have tried to talk to my mom about it but she refuses to listen and denies doing it. I'm frustrated and angry. I feel like she's using my sister so she can gloat about it to her friends. She has never done something like this before. Why is she doing this?
What the heck am I supposed to do? How can I make her understand that this is NOT RIGHT!? She has told me repeatedly that I'm overreacting and I don't even know anymore. Please. Any advice would be appreciated.
TL;DR - My mom does my sister's homework and steals test papers to give them to my sister. She denies everything. This is ruining my sister's future. What should I do?
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