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I[21m] anonymously reported my fraternity brother [21m] for posting racist and misogynistic messages towards women, now people are trying to figure ......


Dec. 02, 2019

I go to a state university with a pretty big Greek life scene.
Now I don’t want to get into too much details because I don’t want this to blow up any more than this has already has. But I am part of a Black fraternity on campus.
I am on good terms with a lot of the guys here but there are definitely some problematic brothers.One of the guys this year has become a pretty big influential guy especially to the younger brothers. I have confronted him before in person and he called me an Uncle Tom and boot locker.
The problem is this guy has a lot of misogynistic and racist views and he has been pushing a lot of them onto other guys. Challenges about fucking white girls, lots of demeaning things about them, calling them whores etc. lots of undertones of dominating white mans women’s etc I don’t know a proper way of saying it without going too far into the whole domination aspect.
99% of the stuff was said out loud, but this time I screenshotted what he said in a Facebook post that we were gonna have for our mixer.
I sent it anonymously to a university confessions Facebook page and it got really popular. The brother that said that deleted his social media and he is only coming to the school now for finals.
I guess what was odd was that even the other brothers that disagreed with his hateful words now are pissed about the guy that leaked it ( no one knows it was me)
They are saying if anyone wAs upset that it should have kept it an internal matter. However, I know for a fact for 90% of the guys saying that if it came out with a white frat saying things about black women they would be getting out their pitch forks .
I don’t know what to do at this point people are trying to find out who did it. Even the brothers that disagrees with what he said. Should I just shut up and keep my head down?
tl:dr- fraternity brother was posting racist and sexist messages. I reported him and he voluntarily left the university
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