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I (17,M) want to go to winter formal with my girlfriend (17,F) but friends are saying it’s wrong because my ex (17, F) is very pregnant and going ......


Dec. 03, 2019

I never really had a relationship with my ex only a few dates but she ended up getting pregnant, she’s 7 months. She’s had testing done already and it’s mine. We don’t really talk much because our parents have advised us not to because it can complicate things legally and I can get caught up saying something that can be used against me. We are not planning on co parenting really and our parents have lawyers involved. My mom ideally wants to adopt the baby and relieve us of parental rights. She says it’s a good way to know the baby will have a good home but the parent authority is clear that it will be my mom and the baby will be more like a sibling.
I have a current girlfriend that I really like. There’s a major winter formal coming up after the holidays and I really want to go with her. I feel like I haven’t had much normalcy in my life lately and I don’t want to miss this. My mom says it’s not a good idea because it can look bad when we go to court but my dad said it’s fine if I want to go. I asked my girlfriend and she said yes but a couple of my friends say it’s weird and a bad move since my ex is going alone or at least with friends not a date. She’s very visibly pregnant so I don’t know if this is wrong.
[TL;DR] my ex is pregnant and I have a new gf. We will not be co parenting and are not talking but I want to go to a school formal with my current gf. Some people say it’s weird and not right
Edit- our parents say that us not talking is for our own welfare and safety
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