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Shoreline erosion threatening Sanilac County highway

Efe Michael Obasuyi

Jan. 16, 2020

Large boulders are all a part of The Michigan Department of Transportation roadway construction on M-25 in Port Sanilac.
But heavy shoreline flooding caused significant soil erosion near the highway.
"Due to the high lake levels on Lake Huron right now, it's progressing at about five feet or so per year," Mike Phillips, MDOT soil engineer said.
He says about a year ago they noticed some of the soil was sliding into Lake Huron and have been monitoring it ever since.
But he says last weekend's winter storm, along with increasing water levels are only making it worse.
"We're monitoring how close it gets to the shoulder of M-25 and if it gets to close, we will look at detouring traffic if we absolutely have to," Phillips said.
But their goal he says is to avoid that if possible.
Which is why they're putting up these massive boulders along the shoreline, in order to keep traffic moving as they continue their work.
MDOT says this is only a temporary fix and they plan to have a more permanent solution put into place in the fall.
"Our plan is to build a wall about halfway up the slope to retain the soil, while also placing large rocks along the bottom to prevent further erosion at the bottom at the lake level."
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