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Benin woman kills her husband Side chick


Jan. 20, 2020

Oliva a 28 years old girl who loves dating rich sugar daddy and rich married men and it really paid her alot as she wears expensive clothes and hair and help aid her family, like pay for her 4 brothers school fees and bought a land in portharcourt were she started building her own house but has not completed the house when tragedy befell her.
Olivia started seeing this rich married man who has promised her to make her the second wife or the first wife promising to divorce his wife,Olivia started going to the man's house in the presence of the wife trying to intimidate her in her marital home and went to the extent of even buying gifts for the woman's children and the woman in question is from Benin.
Weeks later Olivia became terribly sick without any cause..blood was gushing out from her body , unknown razor cuts appearing on her body and she died with all the treatment that was given to her.
Leaving her four brothers and her mother with over 13 million naira in her account.rumour was that it was the Benin woman that killed her!.
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