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DISTURBING! Woman Sells Nude Pictures To Raise Funds For Treatment


Jan. 20, 2020

Michelle De Feo, 28 was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a condition caused when an infected tick bites someone.
She started experiencing symptoms a year before when she struggled from dizziness and fatigue and she was also peeing large amounts of blood.
But after lots of tests, she was told she had the condition – but sadly there is not much treatment available on the NHS.
Instead, she found a specialist doctor in Washington, U.S, who she thinks can help but she needs to raise £7,000 to get there and have it.
To raise the money, Michelle has decided to sell nude photos on OnlyFans to suit different types of fetishes, including a selection of feet photos.
She says: ‘I know a lot of people doing it now – there are mums who are struggling to feed their kids doing it.
‘I have written on there that I’m raising money for private funds. Most people are really nice, but then they would be because they are paying.’
Michelle believes she got the condition when she was bitten by a tic at some point before her symptoms started in September 2016.
Michelle will take several nudes in one day when she is feeling well, and then upload them gradually.
Deep down, Michelle does worry about what she is doing sometimes.
‘I believe I shouldn’t be doing this, if I’m being honest,’ she explained.
‘But I think it goes to show how desperate we are to get our lives in order and get the right treatment.
Michelle knows that there is no cure, but she hopes that the best treatment will get her into remission, so she can start living her life again.
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