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Ladies,Reply Your DMs- Princess Shyngle Advises

Captain Ghana

Jan. 20, 2020

Popular actress and ''slay queen'' Princess Shyngle has given very powerful advice to ladies on social media- ladies, Princess Shyngle says reply your dm's ''oo tom''. Don't keep leaving the boys hanging because you never know if your Prince charming is the one message you. 
Best advice ever! The DMSMAG( DM Sliding Men Association of Ghana) totally agrees with this- all of these girls just be leaving our messages without replying and then one day if you meet them by chance they say things like '' I get a million dm's every day- I don't read all that''. ''222no like that!!''
Anyway Princess Shyngle gave this advice after revealing to the public that she has gotten enganged to her sweet boyfriend, one Frederic Badji. The actress was excited to announce that this man who once upon a time slid into her dm with a very sweet message is now the man she so loves and is soon getting married to. 
According to her, this man is the man of her dreams- and she is so glad she replied to the dm.
Recapping the whole event, Madam Shyngle reminded his followers of that one guy whose dm she screenshotted and posted on her Instagram page; asking them if she should reply or not because the message was just so sweet. They asked her to reply to this man who had no profile picture or anything and she did, and now this man turned out to be the man of her dreams. Wow! 
Ladies pay attention ''oo''! Reply to us ''oo''. This one girl who did not reply to my message; she does not know I am the upcoming first president of Africa- soon when I am in the Black House( opposite of white house), she will reply and I will definitely block her. ''Naniama''.
Well, Miss Shyngle's love story happened very fast though- just after 5 months, the guy has proposed marriage. Wow!!
Girls you see, guys who slid into your dm's with no profile pics are responsible guys who just want to marry you ''den things''- so reply ''oo tom''. Be nice ''small''. Ahn!! 
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