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Nigerians Support & Protect Their Musicians, Something Ghanaian Musicians Don’t Get- Ahkan Of Ruff N Smooth Explains (+Video)


Jan. 20, 2020

Ahkan of defunct music group Ruff N Smooth has in an exclusive interview with Ghbase.com stated that Ghanaian musicians do not like to move from their comfort zones unlike Nigerians, which is one of the reasons why Nigerian music now dominates.
Reacting to the argument of Nigerian music evading the Ghanaian music space, Ahkah opined that although Ghana has lots of talented musicians, its people do not push and protect musicians in the country as compared to Nigerians.
Ahkan recounted how Ghanaians bashed them when they dropped ‘Swagger’ in 2009 for sounding like Nigerians because of the “I dey Kolo” in the song but are not complaining now that Ghanaian musicians are singing in patois which is not Ghanaian but Jamaican.
Speaking to the host, Darlington Nana Ampofo, aka DNA, he mentioned that Nigerian musicians now use our local language in their songs but their people don’t bash them for that, a prove of how Nigerians support and hold down their musicians but Ghanaians don’t get that support from their own.
Watch that bit of the interview in the video below:
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