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There's Not A Single Ghallywood Actor I Wanna Watch- Ekow Smith

Captain Ghana

Jan. 20, 2020

According to renowned veteran Ghanaian actor, Ekow Smith Asante, the actors in Ghallywood nowadays ''di3'', they have ''sha ama'', there is not a single one he can confidently say he wants to watch again, after seeing a few movies that have come in this times. 
Speaking on 3FM with MzGee, the actor stated that all these new actors have no talent- all they do is try so hard to imitate fellow veteran mates Majid Michel and John Dumelo. This attitude will only keep these young ones in the shadows of the above-mentioned actors, no matter how hard they try. This ''wannabe'' actors have no talent whatsoever, according to Mr. Smith. 
''True talk'', Mr Asante, but still '' you for know say'', even Majid and Dumelo were never exceptional actors: their characters in various movies seemed to be somewhat similar, so maybe it is not that this young one are not great at their craft- maybe it is just that their mentors themselves were not much versatile. Maybe it is now that Ghanaians have begun to realize that Ghallywood was always robbing us of our money with their average level performance and ''one way'' styled movies?!
Now if you want to mention spectacular actors, you can mention the likes of Chris Attoh and that one who abandoned Ghana for Nollywood haha, Van Vicker. Now these are versatile actors who can stand their ground in an international market. As for Ghallywood as a whole ''di3, d3m sha dedaada kraa''..
Anyway, Ekow Smith Asante advised the new actors to instead of copying Majid and Dumelo, invent their own unique styles and do it so well that wherever they are, movie producers will look for them, wanting to work with them. 
Mr. Asante's comments come at the back of exceptional movie producer  Shirley Frimpong Manso's assertion that Ghanaian actors today are not serious with their craft. 
But Shirley you forget; the producers to are not serious- you are one of the few good ones. Come on; ''Bra, b3gye Kalyppo''. 
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