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Mumias: Pupils forced to swim to school after floods washed away makeshift bridge

Nana alli

Jan. 21, 2020

- A makeshift bridge that was connecting Petros Primary School in Mumias East was washed away by floods
- The pupils have been struggling to make their way to school as they have to swim across the river to access their classes
- Six schools in the are have been cut off and in 2019 two pupils died while crossing the river
Can you imagine making your way to school with your uniform soaked in water!
That is the struggle that pupils of Petros Primary School in Mumias East, Kakamega county, have to undergo through as they swim through a river to crossover to their school.
This was after the bridge connecting their school was washed away in December 2019, during the heavy rains that wrecked havoc in several parts of the country.
In a video shared by Citizen TV, the young learners are seen holding their books on their hands and raising them high to safeguard them from the water.
Both boys and girls are forced to take off their uniforms and carry them on their hands as they remain with their underpants while swimming across the heavily flooded river.
The pupils said they have to make at least three trips swimming across the river everyday and sometimes have to wait for the water to reduce before they can cross over.
Once they cross over they dress up in their soaked underpants and join the rest of the pupils for studies.
The residents are now calling on the authorities to help solve the problem as the pupils are performing poorly in class.
The nearest bridge is over seven kilometres away from the school leaving the learners with no other option other than to keep swimming.
At least six schools in the are have been cut off and in 2019 two pupils died while crossing the river.
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