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PHOTO: Madam Kofoworola Kessington Breaks The Internet with Her $2million Wristwatch


Jan. 21, 2020

Being a socialite, or even being addressed as one in the Nigeria social space, involves a lot of class and pedigree. Many are quick to say, that the social cycle in Nigeria is quite small, and that it entails the very rich and powerful ones.
Well, to be one of this few we address as socialites in Nigeria, you must have attained a particular height in your space. From Politicians to business mogul's, entrepreneurs and many others, the Nigerian elite space accommodates only the best.
To be addressed as one of this lot, you need to be rich and powerful. This piece tonight, is about a particular Nigerian socialite, that broke the internet with how expensive her wristwatch is. She was perhaps, the most tastefully dressed at the birthday party of Billionaire business man, Okoya Thomas.
Madame Kofoworola Adebutu Keshington, attended this birthday party in class and style, as fashion influencers even estimated her dressing to be over a Billion Naira.
The most notable piece of her outfit was her Breguet crazy flower full baguette 2miilion dollar wristwatch. In Nigeria Naira this wristwatch is valued at 700million naira.
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