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How to make different kind of home made body scrub .


Jan. 22, 2020

*Lemongrass Exfoliating Bar Scrub Soap*
*For Dark, Brown, and Chocolate skin....*
55g cocoa butter
15g shea butter
15g vegetable oil of your choice
(sunflower, peach kernel, fractionated
coconut oil etc)
14g beeswax
1g (approx 20 drops) Lemongrass essential oil (or essential oil of your
100g coarse sea salt or epsom salt (you could replace this with sugar if you
Silicone ice cube tray.
1. Weigh the butters, wax and
vegetable oil.
2. Melt together gently in
double boiler
3. Once melted remove from the
heat. Mix together with salt and
essential oil and spoon into a
silicone ice cube.
4. Place the ice cube tray in the
fridge or freezer and allow the bars
to set.
To use
Take one into the shower and gently rub onto the body in circular motions
and rinse off.
It exfoliate the skin.
Emerge with silky soft skin!
806 440 0091: *HOME-MADE COFFEE SCRUB*
*Good for stretch marks and Dark, Chocolate complexion*
1 cup of organic coffee grounds
½ cup of raw sugar
½ cup of liquid coconut oil
1 tsp cinnamon powder
2 tsp vitamin E oil (powerful anti-oxidant)
1. Collect all the ingredients you need.
2. Get a large clean and dry bowl and add all the ingredients starting with the sugar, coffee, cinnamon powder and finally the coconut oil. Add the vitamin E oil, into the rest of the ingredients.
3. Using a clean and dry spoon, mix the ingredients thoroughly
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