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5 Annoying Habits Every Kenyan Woman Must Quit Doing In The Bedroom

YvonneNgugi KE

Jan. 23, 2020

When in a relationship, the bedroom should be one of the favorite parts of your house!
You get to dress up when he’s around, wake up every morning and the first thing you see is his sparkling eyes that reminds you how lucky you are to have him. How can we forget the intimacy that goes down in the bedroom? The bedroom holds lots of high and low moments for a couple.
Besides that, there are some annoying habits that some ladies engage in and men are not pleased about it.
If you do not want your man cheating on you or arriving home late at night. Here are some habits you need to avoid doing in the bedroom;
Avoid sleeping in activewear. 
Activewear is any sports garment. This goes to the women that work out in the morning, some prefer wearing their gym outfit so that when they wake they just dash. This is so wrong!
Wear sexy lingerie for your man!  It will accentuate your hourglass waist, display your thunder thighs, bubbly boobies and every asset. Your man will always be looking forward to getting into bed with you every day.
 Avoid wearing ugly clothing. 
Ugly clothing is a baggy t-shirt, multi-colored headscarves or long deras. When your man is around, aim to look sexy!
It’s not a must you slay in lingerie, rock one of his boxers, t-shirts or cute hot pants. Flaunt that body girl!
Avoid sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. 
If you have been wondering why you are developing wrinkles, it’s simply because of that cotton pillowcase you are using.
A study revealed that the cotton pillowcase catches your skin because and does not allow the skin to slide.
Avoid going to bed when you have not showered.
Take a bath before going to bed with your man. It’s not pleasing to get into bed with all those germs that have been ferried during your day to day activities.
Avoid using your phone. 
The bedroom should be a place where you are meant to connect with your partner.
Stop responding to emails and chatting. Give your man all the attention and time.
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