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See new Scam Format on Twitter!

Ndzebelai fobah Roland

Jan. 23, 2020

It is no news that scammers are everywhere, lurking at every corner of the internet looking for any vulnerable victim to swindle.
The new scam format on twitter is becoming deadly and it is mostly coming from celebrities' Twitter accounts.
Well, this is how it all starts, a supposed celebrity will tweet that he or she is doing a giveaway, urging people (their victims) to send their names, address and phone numbers to them, if they are choaen, they would be contacted via direct message (DM). Well, it appears everyone who sends this information gets chosen and asked to pay a delivery fee for the prize they have won (mostly iphones).
The public should stay clear of any giveaways coming from any account. These scammers are getting smart every time but you should get smarter, learn to use your head. Learn to think logically, how would someone who is willing to give you an iPhone 8 that costs close to 170k asks you to pay for its delievery of just 4k? It doesn't add up.
Just know, scammers always ask for money at the end! Keep this in your mind.
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