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Sheet of ice falls off truck, shatters school bus window


Jan. 23, 2020

Police said two people had minor injuries after a sheet of ice smashed into a school bus in Michigan.
They said the ice flew off the roof of a box truck in Shelby Township and crashed right into a bus windshield Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 21.
The bus driver and a student were injured, but they’re already out of the hospital.
Police said it’s not necessarily a must for drivers to clear ice from their rooftops, but officers said it’s still common sense to do that.
“We all need to put time and effort to ensure that we are making sure that roads are safe at all times and understand that your inaction makes the roads more hazardous, so we are trying to prevent that,” said Sgt. Brandon Dowty with Shelby Township Police.
Police are also praising the bus driver for preventing this incident from turning into something more serious.
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