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I (f/28) didn't get the position I've been working hard for and left work after I found out, where do I go from here?


Feb. 11, 2020

I work at a huge employer in my state. I'm a maxed out pay grade floor worker and have been doing the position of workleader for months now. I applied and had an interview for WL about a week and a half ago. My supervisor had me stand in for him on an overtime shift on Saturday and told me Friday that "you are basically my workleader, you've been doing the job and have had the stand in brief, so you are eligible to stand in on Saturday"
Well, he told me I didn't get the promotion and they gave it to 3 other people in my shop.
I responded by "okay" and got up, went to my desk and grabbed all my things. Packed up my bag, filled out a leave slip. Then I finished packaging a 3 ring binder I had all organized for a meeting with the head of another project. (Which by the way, is work that's out of my pay grade) Took the folder and my leave slip to my boss and told him I was going home. He said okay, and I left.
Soooooo... I'm debating walking out and never going back. I make a good amount of money. Around 60k a year. I'm absolutely crushed, because they lead me to believe I'd get this job. I've put in the hours and hard work... And now 3 other guys with less time in than me are getting the job. I'm personable, I work hard, I don't cause drama... I felt something break inside of me. Now I'm at home crying and eating my feelings lol
I don't really know what I'm asking... but What do I do? I want to go back and just not do anything above my pay grade again. This post doesn't talk about the years of this shop not having my back and the hiring of all of their buddies over the people who actually put in the work. Oh and they have removed 3 women leaders in the last 2 years and we have no female leadership anymore. I don't know what I'm asking, maybe just encouragement and where to go from here...
Tl;Dr company had me doing the job for a while, didn't get the promotion despite having done the job. Do I go back to work or find a new job?
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