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6 Things Guys Talk About When They Gather

Captain Ghana

Feb. 14, 2020

Caution, Ladies: do not tell anyone that I told you this. 
Well, on the other hand I'm not sure if this is even a secret because everyone should know how guys behave he he. 
Anyway here goes: 
1. Sports: 
Now this is number one because well we all know guys love their sports. Someone would be in Ghana, barely able to feed 3 times a day and yet always yelling at the top of his voice, explaining why Christiano is better than Messi. Boys need therapy he he!
2. Women: 
Well, you already know. Guys will be telling each other about that one girl they saw on their way to work that had a b*tt bigger than Moesha's; that one girl on intagram who finally replied; that one girl they slept with or are about to sleep with. That one girl who ''dey see hin body'' because she would not talk to them he he! That one girl that blocked them on social media; ''aw,aw''! ''Den things charley". 
3. Famous people and the luxurious things they own:
Boys know every thing about what famous people own. ''Herh charley, if you see that car eh; your mind go bust'. ''Yeah, he buy that chain for $1million; that money fee den feed my family for 10 years''.  ''Charley that woman she nodey buy already made clothes oo, she get clothe factory for Texas wey dey make all hin clothes give am''. Blablabla. 
4. Politics:
Yep: they talk about this too when they gather. Men are more interested in politics than women. Infact men are the ones responsible for staring up civil wars and all those things, and it is all because they always have to have a view about politics. Always shouting and making noise about everything. ''Ahn''!
5. Music:
Yes, men love to argue about music and musicians too. If not sports, or arguing about which celebrity is richer, or politics, they debate about music and musicians.
6. Last but not the least, they pick one person in the group:
Oh how good boys are at doing that kind of stuff he he. It is normal until someone gets offended and punches another in the throat.
So yeah, basically most guys have nothing really important to talk about when they gather. Sad! Very sad, he he!
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