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Man Buried Alive In Snow For 13 Minutes In Bizarre Valentine's Day Stunt

Adam Zoulkarneni

Feb. 14, 2020

This Valentine's Day , former soldier Oleg Rezanov decided the best way to declare his undying love for his wife was to be buried alive in snow for 13 minutes - inside the outline of a giant heart made from ice, naturally.
Wearing nothing more than a pair of gold shorts and his birthday suit, Oleg lay down on the freezing cold ground before being covered in snow.
He dedicated the stunt to his wife Irina on Valentine's Day - although she was 'too scared' to watch.
Staff from Russia's emergencies ministry were on standby while the challenge went on and were there to help when the lovesick husband was pulled out of his snowy prison.
Understandably, he was shaking and shivering when he finally came too, but thankfully he warmed up and pulled through - hopefully his wife appreciated the unusual gesture.
Speaking with local media, Oleg said: "I inhaled twice when they buried me. I don't remember further. I heard sounds periodically, very far away. But when they said '12 minutes', I heard that clearly.
"I was shocked that I coped. I am satisfied with the result. Nobody believed this could be done. I almost doubted myself.
"By testing myself, I study what a human can achieve. I want to understand who I am, why I am here and what my future path is.
"It is testing that gives me an understanding of who I am. Secondly, these tricks have already made me 15 years younger."
He added: "I also really hope that they will make me immortal. I will continue this way.
"Cold is one of the keys to immortality. If you fully master the cold, hunger and movement, you can become immortal."
Did you hear that? Apparently the elixir of life is a simple one - all you have to do is lay on the ground in sub-zero temperatures and somehow not die.
NB: We're totally kidding - please don't try this at home. No matter how much you love your significant other.
On why he did this for his wife, who he has two children with, Oleg concluded his story by saying: "Everything is fine. Irina, I love you very much! I'll be home soon."
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