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My (33m) and my (32f) relationship has suffered since her breast implants


Feb. 14, 2020

So the title says it... About 2 months ago my gf of a year got breast implants. She always had smaller A cup breasts and went up to a D. (Not sure how else to express breast size over the internet other than cup size) They're pretty big for her and quite noticeable. She didn't do much research before and got bigger ones than she had originally imagined. So she isn't thrilled. They've made her really self conscious. Now she says she feels fat all the time. And has actually said she regrets the decision.
There's been a lot more fighting now. Which we are both to blame, trust me. But when we aren't fighting the good things are still there.
I'm just having some issues with acceptance. Physically things were amazing before. I'd just get a certain feeling... like she would take my breath away when I looked ahttps://youtu.be/v0aflcF0-ys. So it has been difficult to have a feeling like that disappear overnight. Maybe it'd be like if your guy got a face tat... I don't know.
I find myself looking at old pictures now which is certainly unhealthy. Guess it's partly because things were better then in general and mostly negative since.
Just not sure how to move past this. We both would like to get the relationship back to where it was. She also has said this. There was nothing wrong before. But if that spark doesn't come back I'm not sure how we can.
TLDR; After breast implants the spark has left and we don't know how to move on.
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