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Sister [19f] drunkenly revealed some embarrassing info about me [21m] around friends.


Feb. 14, 2020

We were having drinks with friends at the regular hangout bar. We were having a discussion about something I can't remember, something about genders or something.
I said to my sister "men have penises, right?", and she said "well, I've never seen one personally". A few people laughed and I said "OK, I didn't need to know that, but OK", and as I was continuing to make my point she said "wait! I've seen yours!".
Then she started  talking about how we used to bathe together when we were like 5 and 7, and she used to always try to look at my genitals because she thought they were weird and wanted to touch them. I told her in a joking way "OK, can you STFU now so I can say what I was saying?".
Then she blurted out "YOU wanted to touch mine, too!". Our friends were collectively laughing their asses off at the whole thing but I was extremely embarrassed. She revealed other stuff about how she had always wanted to kiss me until she was like 8.
A friend started calling me something like "p*ssy grabber" and it stuck for the rest of the night.
When we came back (I live with my sister) she said tonight wasn't my lucky night if wanted to go "overtime" because she was too drunk but maybe later and laughed.
So, I was utterly roasted (even though my sister revealed more creepy stuff about herself than me) and I may have a new nickname.
I tried to talk seriously with her but she was too drunk and acting way too dumb.
What should I do about this? I hate it when people reveal personal info about me without my permission, and this was just a whole new level of wrong for me.
How to handle this?
tl;dr: Sister revealed very embarrassing stuff about us and somehow I'm the only one getting roasted for it. What should I do?
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