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Catholic youth condemn Kelvin Taylor's comments against Catholic Bishops

Dorah Msele

Feb. 18, 2020

The Ghana National Catholic Youth Council (GHANCYC) has condemned freelance journalist Kelvin Taylor for verbally abusing members of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference.
The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference has promised to campaign against any political party that does not commit itself to end vigilantism in the country.
In a statement issued on Monday, the Council highlighted its support to the position the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference has taken adding that the country’s peace must not be taken for granted.
“It is the right of all citizens, and for that matter journalists, who have advantage of the airwaves to exercise their rights of freedom of speech but that right come with responsibilities.
“It should be devoid of insults and castigations since they have a tendency to cause violence in the long run,” the press statement read.
GHANCYC also called on stakeholders to continue discussions to end vigilantism and political violence in all parts of the country.
Read the statement below:
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