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MUST READ: Factors That Are More Likely Going To Make A person Fall In Love With You

Maureen KE

Feb. 18, 2020

Who you are as a person.(Personality)
It all starts with the eyes, when someone looks at you, what do they see? If you are a lady and you look happy, you are more attractive to men, and less attractive if you show pride.
If you are a man, you will look more attractive to women if you display pride compared to if you show happiness.
2. Your resemblance to the other person's parents.
Someone may fall in love with you if you look like his or her parent of the opposite sex. A study shows that one is more likely to fall in love with a person with similar behaviour and personality as their parents
3.Eye contact.
If you stare into each other’s eyes for two minutes, there is an increase in feelings of passion, love and affection towards the other person.
Long periods of eye contact can make you feel more connected to someone even if you have never met them before.
4. Body physique
If you take good care of your looks and body, and appear to be younger than your real age, you are considered more attractive. Also if for a lady you have an attractive figure (hour glass) and for the men, nice arms, height and general body physique.
5. If you resemble their 'ex'
If as a man, you look similar to her current or past partner, she is more likely to fall in love with you. 
6. Wearing bright colored outfits.
Ladies who wear red appear more attractive than those who were other colours.
7. Similar hobbies and personalities.
If you share similarities in personality and like the same things and experiences with the person, similar values, similar hobbies and if you can work well together on projects,it increases the chance of b ot of you falling in love.
8.Body Language
If you stand and sit in an open body posture, meaning that you don’t cross your arms in front of your body, you are more likely to appear more lovable, also when speaking, if you use a lot of gestures, your date is more likely to want to see you again.
9. Good Cologne/Perfume
Especially for men, ladies are more attracted to men who smell nice since its not many of them and that means they are clean and take care of themselves which means they can take care of them too.
10. Neat hair.
Hair is everything for both men and women. In a man if he has dreadlocks which are well styled and cleaned, he's more likely to be attractive and lovable and if its short hair same case applies. For women if that wig or braids are clean and don't smell, you're more likely to be attractive to men hence falling in love with you will be easy.
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