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SEE The Shocking State This Landlady Met Her House


March. 04, 2020

A Thai landlady took to Facebook to share the shocking photos of the state her tenants left her house in.
The Landlady met with the sight after a neighbor in the adjacent property complained that there were maggots climbing into her room from the landlady's room that she rented out.
Patamavadee, 33, came around and found the room not padlocked, just with the door locked. so she used her spare key to enter.
What confronted her was a terrible sight - trash like leftover food and old clothes and foam was everywhere. It stank and in the bathroom were feces wrapped in a towel. There were maggots everywhere.
She went on Facebook to say that she had seen reports of renters leaving rooms in a mess but never thought it would happen to her. Now it had and she didn't know where to start with the clean-up operation.
Patamavadee who had no choice had to clean up the room herself and shared pictures of the neat room on Facebook afterward.
Speaking to a local media, Patamavadee revealed that the renters were two ladies who worked on Walking Street. They would usually leave the room at about 8 pm and not return until morning.
She described them as good, respectable tenants who paid on time and communicated well with her.
But about a week ago they had been seen leaving with some luggage and hadn't been back since. She thought they were probably just going back home up-country for a while.
See more photos below.
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