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SHOCKING: Footballer Caught On Camera Raping A Woman [DETAILS]


March. 11, 2020

A young, rising footballer has been adjudged to have raped a woman he met outside a bar and the unfortunate incident was recorded on her phone.
The video was 20 minutes long during which the victim was could be overheard saying "you are raping me".
Assane Koite who had previously admitted rape, was sentenced to six years and one month in prison.
On the evening of February 5, 2018 the woman was on an outing with friends in Birmingham city centre and visited a number of bars.
She parted company with them and joined another group but when she tried to get in Missing Bar she wasn't allowed to enter the bar for being too drunk at about 1.30am.
CCTV footage captured her wandering around the Arcadian Centre before she "encountered" Assane Koite and another man.
Not long after they hopped into a cab which took them to an apartment rented by the defendant.
Nigel Stelling, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said that the woman initially had some sexual "contact" with the other man.
He said she was then with Koite and recorded her encounter for 20 minutes.
"Throughout that period of time she was trying to persuade the defendant to desist. She attempted to employ diversionary tactics, claiming she wanted to smoke a cigarette and go to the lavatory.
"On more than one occasion she asked the defendant to order her a taxi. He was not dissuaded by any of that.
"She says to him 'You are raping me. I did not say you could do that'."
Assane Koite
Mr Stelling also added that there was some discussion about her phone afterwards before she eventually got out of the apartment and contacted the police.
Koite, 22, who was arrested later, claimed to officers that the sexual intercourse that proceeding was rape but rather consensual.
Mr Stelling said the assault had caused the woman considerable psychological trauma.
In passing sentence, Judge Mark Wall QC said: "The victim in the case was out with friends and had a number of drinks. She became separated from her friends and had the misfortune to meet you and your friend.
 "Despite the fact that that she recorded all of the events on her phone you continued to rape her for something like 20 minutes.
"It was obvious to you she was under the influence of alcohol and you took advantage of that."
The lawyer defending Assane Koite, Martin Butterworth, said Koite had had trials with Aston Villa and Birmingham.
"He played semi professional football and signed for Tamworth. His future at the age of 16 was very promising," he said.
However he said the defendant fractued his ankle which meant he could not further his footballing career and he turned to drugs and alcohol.
He said there was no dispute of Koite hiding the phone from the woman.
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