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New “Save the date” look – like Photo of MzVee and Mugeez of R2bees causes stir on Social Media

Elizabeth Bio

March. 23, 2020

Of course, Mzvee and Mugeez are in no love relationship aside from a working one. The reality is, we don’t even know who any of these two are dating in the real world. Former Lynxx entertainment signee Mzvee was away for a very long time and on her return, she debunked all rumors that hovered around when she was away.
People presumed that she was pregnant hence the hiatus but Mzvee revealed that she was depressed for nearly two years. To assure her fans that she was really back, Mzvee has since released two songs titled ‘ Sherif’ and ‘Who Are You ’ and both are doing incredibly well.
The singer is on to her new joint and this time, she is collaborating with Mugeez of the famous R2bees musical group. We do not the title of the song, neither do we know when it would be released.
All we know is Mugeez shared a picture of himself and Mzvee, telling fans to expect a banger soon. We believe this picture that has gotten social media folks talking is in line with this song. We are definitely anticipating this collabo— what we are not is a love relationship between Mzvee and Mugeez.
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