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Stop dating men from the East, eat their money and run away – Lady advises


April. 09, 2020

A lady has advised Akwa Ibom State girls to stop dating men from the eastern and western part of Nigeria.
The lady who goes by the name, Coxy Frank took to her Facebook page to share the piece of advice.
According to her, men from the eastern and western part of the country only date girls outside their tribe but dumb them to marry from home when it’s time for marriage.
“Dear Akwa Ibom girls, stop dating some of these our eastern and western brothers. When they want to marry they will go home and marry Nkechi. Chop their money and go.
“Someone is in ICU now because she dated Obinna for four years, only for her mother to marry Amaka for him in the village. Obinna brought Amaka back saying the mother no like Emem. Emem went to visit Obinna and met Amaka already pregnant. Who impregnated Amaka???
“You people will not have sense. Now Emem was crushed by a truck and hospitalized. Forget these people, be their friends but don’t get serious. Even if you’re serious and you hear my mom, uncle, umuna, etc doesn’t like you – don’t say he loves me let me stay. Sister I say run.
“Some of them are so tribalistic even with their heart. Get sense mbok.”
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