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He Wants To Leave Me For Another Woman After Seven Years Of Hot s3x

Denison adzotor

April. 11, 2020

We have dated for seven years and he has had constant s3x with me throughout the period but he now wants to leave me for another girl.
I feel very sad for my self as I speak right now because I trusted him so much to the extent that I supported him in everything he did so as to create a good future for ourselves and our future family.
I satisfied him s3xually at all times and I was available to give it to him in any way he wanted it without considering the fact that I can be broken-hearted in the end.
We started dating at the university after we met in a joint lecture where I sat beside him. He looked so calm and innocent but brilliant. I remembered I asked him to explain a few things the lecturer said which I didn’t understand to me and he did it perfectly.
That was how we exchanged contacts and later became friends. I called him for the first time and his response was so nice. We had a pretty chat and arranged to meet the next evening since it would be a Friday.
The day came and one thing lead to the other but I finally ended up being the one to visit so I landed in his room that evening.
He gave me something to eat, a glass of drink followed afterwards and the chats continued whiles we watched a movie.
The romantic scenes in the movie were hot and he always smiles at me once any of such scenes showed up. He usually will ask whether I was okay and I responded yes with a smile.
Nut by the time I knew, we were seriously k*ssing and his hand were all over my b00bs. In fact, he got me turned on and I gave him a nice response.
He took me for the first round but I opted to be on top for the second and the third and I gave him a warm ride which he says he will never forget.
That was how we ended up playing dirty for seven good years but he is now breaking my heart and I don’t know what to do.
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