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The 5 Best S*x Positions For Deep Penetration


April. 15, 2020

Hitting the G-spot and getting to the innermost depths of a woman’s vagina is great but not all s*x positions can give you that reach – deep enough to hit the right spots. Deep penetration isn't always the kind of s*x you're in the mood for but sometimes, it really hits the spot. Deep penetration can allow you to have amazing stimulation. Plus, deep penetration puts your bodies close together and that can make you feel more emotionally connected as well. Next time you're craving s*x, try these deeply pleasurable, expert-approved positions.
Forward-facing cowgirl
This position allows you to control the speed and pacing. This classic position has so many benefits, and deep penetration is chief among them. Have your partner lie back, then straddle him and ease his penis inside you as deep as you can. For even deeper entry, you can open your legs wider, or gain leverage by pushing down on your partner’s chest with your hands.
Bendy missionary
For this face-to-face position. Start in the standard missionary position, then raise your legs above your head and hold them there, or free up your hands by resting your legs on your partner’s shoulders. Meanwhile, your hands are free to press into your partner's butt and encourage him to go even deeper.
Heeling dog
Doggy style is a classic deep penetration position. This variation has you on your hands and knees, with your partner kneeling (or standing) behind you. Because your hands and feet are supported by the bed or floor, you can be in this pose for a while without getting tired. Let your partner take charge, and simply enjoy every deep sensation.
Countertop me
Sit on either the kitchen island or a table with your legs dangling over the edge. Your partner should face you and stand between your legs, grabbing your hips and sliding inside of you. You can lean back, but keep your legs wide open to give your partner deep access.
Dirty dancer
This position requires some serious core and leg strength on your partner’s end, but the intimacy and depth of penetration are worth it. Stand and face each other, then have your partner lift you up by the butt (or lift one leg if that's easier) just enough so that your pelvises line up.
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